Our knowledge and years of experience allow us to guarantee the design, engineering and manufacturing of boilers as efficient and durable as the best ones built by the most recognized manufacturers around the world.

All our boilers are designed and manufactured under strict compliance with the ASME Code section I guidelines, meeting the highest quality standards and positioning them within the most reliable and long-lasting ones in the market.

Biomass boiler systems

We design and build boilers up to 40 ton/h using different types of biomass: African palm process residues, coffee husk, wood (including high humidity), pellets, and cane bagasse, among others.

  • Boilers for pellet operation are the fire tube boiler type with traveling grate stoker.

  • For operation with husks such as coffee and other volatile biomass, they are made of the cyclone combustion chamber and ash reinjection type.

For African palm processing, we offer three models of boilers according to the operating pressure, low pressure up to 10 bar, medium pressure up to 30 bar and high pressure up to 60 bar, with overheating up to 400 ° C.

Coal fired boilers

Our coal boiler line includes capacities ranging from 100 to 1800 BHP.

  • For our boilers up to 1200 BHP, we offer the three-step boiler package type and traveling grate stoker.

  • For larger capacities we offer combined-type boilers.

All our models are delivered with an automated system that guarantees low 02 in the chimney and minimum unburned, placing them as the most efficient boilers available in the market.

Oil & Gas Fire-tube steam boilers

VR boilers for operation with Natural gas, Biogas, Diesel and other hydrocarbons, are four-step fire tube type, which guarantees the highest performance.

We supply them along with high efficiency burners that provide a low oxygen level in the chimney.

We offer economizers that provide important increase in the boiler efficiency according to the temperature of the feedwater.

  • Capacities from 100 to 1800 BHP, for some models we guarantee high performance for pressures up to 300 PSI and even superheated steam.


Heat recovery systems

VR offers heat recovery systems for operations with exhaust gases from generators, gas turbines, furnaces and other processes that release hot gases.


Our manufacturing types:

  • Fire tube or water tube for steam generation or water heating.

  • Serpentine heat exchangers with bare or finned tubes for heating thermal oils or water.

Emission control systems

To comply with current environmental regulations, we offer:

  • High efficiency multicyclones.

  • Pulse Jet Bag Filters.


Auxiliary equipment

  • Deaerators: We supply "Spray-Tray" deaerator with capacities ranging from 3.5 ton/h to 100 ton/h in our standard models and up to 500 ton/h on request.

  • Economizers: We design and manufacture economizers for multi-fuel boilers with bare or finned pipes made with fins in extruded aluminium or steel helical type in H or double H, providing an improvement in efficiency between 4% and 10%.

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