With a strong focus on the Oil & Gas sector, we have built a broad product portfolio consisting of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, oil heaters, columns, heaters, reactors and separators, fabricated from materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, alloy steel and non-ferrous materials.

We integrate process engineering to thermal and mechanical design using our own customized development software as well as specialized software tools such as HTRI, COMPRESS and ANSYS.

Heat exchangers

VR offers solutions in shell-tube, double-tube, multi-tube, hairpin, reboiling and condensation heat exchangers, complying with international ASME, TEMA and API standards.

Making use of the HTRI software, we can provide thermal designs for new installations and upgrades for existing projects and spare parts.

Our products are supplied alone or as a package mounted on a skid, including the instrumentation, control and supervision system.

Pressure vessels

We supply pressure vessels with ASME "U" stamp for a wide range of applications:

  • Critical applications or severe service H2S, H2 and lethal service, which meet the requirements of NACE standards MR-0103, MR-0175, SP-0472 and 8X194 for HIC, SSC and SOHIC failure mechanisms.

  • High pressure operation with quick opening closures for filters, scrubbers and pig launchers/receivers.

  • Equipment with internal cladding and welding lining, in stainless steel, Monel and bronze among others.



We proudly managed to integrate our broad expertise in the development of control, supervision and instrumentation architectures to our metalworking portfolio to guarantee an adequate operation of two-phase or three-phase separation units for testing or production.

Our offers include all the stages from design to manufacturing, testing and commissioning.

We deliver our products as a package unit on a skid, including the instrumentation, control and supervision system. 

​We supply reliable and accurate measurement systems in compliance with the local resolution 41251 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


Oil Heaters

VR offers solutions for thermal oil heaters, fired heaters and convection sections; designed, manufactured and assembled according to API 560 standard.

This equipment can be delivered individually or as a package unit mounted on skids, including the instrumentation, control and supervision system.


Air coolers

We offer air coolers for condensation and/or cooling of process fluids through an air stream, complying with the standards:

  • ASME – Section VIII, Division 1, “U” stamp.

  • API 661 – Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers.

We implement the use of finned tubes with fins in aluminium type G, type L or extruded among others.



We supply "Spray-Tray" deaerators that can operate at a capacity ranging from 3.5 Ton/h to 500 Ton/h.

Manufactured in accordance with ASME section VIII div 1 and recommendations of the "Heat Exchange Institute" for design and manufacture of "Tray" deaerators.

Oxygen levels are guaranteed under any load condition below 7 ppb.

These are supplied as a package unit, including instrumentation and control system.


Pipe spools and process/measurement skids

We have a well-known expertise in the design and construction of subsystems for the oil and gas industry, which include pipes, valves, flanges, accessories, instrumentation, electrical and control systems, perfectly fitted and assembled to measure, they are delivered as a package unit on skids.


  • ASME VIII div 1.

  • ASME B31.1.

  • B31.3.


Spare parts for the oil & gas sector

For the oil & gas sector VR supplies spare parts as well as parts with advanced welding technology for equipment mainly used in refineries such as:

  • Revamping for reactors.

  • Repairs of columns and instrumentation equipment.


We supply parts for refinery boilers and the energy sector such as:

  • Economizers in bare or finned pipe, with fins in extruded aluminum or steel helical type, in H or double H.

  • Superheaters and desuperheaters.

  • Boiler tube banks.

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