The VR boilers for operation with natural gas, biogas, ACPM and other hydrocarbons, are fire-tube four-step type, which guarantees the highest efficiency.


We supply them with high efficiency burners that provide a low level of oxygen in the chimney, according to the application, we offer economizers that allow to increase the efficiency of the boiler according to the temperature of the feed water.


Capacities from 100 to 1800 BHP, for some models we offer pressures of up to 300 PSI and even superheated steam.


  • Capacities from 80 to 1800 BHP.

  • Operating pressure up to 250 psig.

  • High efficiency with option of economizer and / or condensation economizer.

  • Optional oxygen control.

  • NFPA fuel trains.

  • Total compliance with environmental regulations.

Auxiliary equipment

We supply all auxiliary equipment to make your emissions clean and comply with the strictest environmental standards:

  • Deaerators.

  • Economizers.

  • Pumping systems.

  • Level control.