VR offers a wide range of services for power plant boilers, fire-tube boilers, water-tube boilers and their auxiliary equipment, regardless of the original manufacturer


Power boilers

  • Supply and repair of banks of main tubes.

  • Repair of boiler water walls.

  • Supply and repair of economizers with bare or finned tubes, with fins in extruded aluminum, helical type or in steel in H or double-H.

  • Upgrades for superheaters and economizers:

We have the design software resources available to perform upgrades on superheaters, quenching and economizers to new operating conditions, which allows to increase the production of steam and the generated electric power.

With great success, we have replaced economizers built with bare or longitudinal fin tubes for equipment built with H-shaped or double-H steel finned tubes, allowing to install within the same space a larger heat transfer area. In addition to this, we take advantage of fins that gets less dirty when operating with fuels such as coal or biomass.

  • Replacement of superheater and desuperheater piping.

  • Repair of main steam lines.

  • Installation and repair of refractories and insulation.

  • Assistance in blowing, starting and tuning the steam system.

  • Pipe end reduction and pipe bending.

Cambio bancos de tubería
Reducción de puntas
Sobrecalentador paneles
Pared caldera
Sobrecalentador superior
Sobrecalentador instalado

Fire-tube boilers

  • Repair and maintenance of components under pressure.

  • Maintenance of rotating components (fans, pumps, etc.).

  • Fan balancing.

  • Inspection and maintenance of electrical and control systems.

  • Inspection, maintenance and adjustment of combustion systems.

  • Maintenance of traveling grate stokers.

  • Evaluation of environmental control systems.